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The 4220 Series colinear antenna is designed for demanding applications where a durable and high performance colinear antenna is required. The centre fed dipole design and feed network gives a stable radiation pattern across a wide bandwidth, and allows tilted beam designs to be effectively employed without large pattern distortions. High quality materials and manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure that the antenna has excellent intermodulation performance & wide bandwidth characteristics for TETRA and other multi-channel communication systems. The antenna has been designed to withstand lightning strike and has a conductor through it’s centre to allow a finial to be fitted to its top cap, and is supplied as standard with a 7/16 female connector. Please note: High wind survivability of this type, verified by independent tests, also the fact that this model operates over the two main TETRA bands from 380-430MHz.

  • > Frequency range 380-430MHz
  • > Gain 6dBd
  • > 3dB Beamwidth: Omni / VBW 16º
  • > Power handling 300W
  • > Vertical Polarisation
  • > IM3 -153dBc (2 Tx @43dBm)

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Other Standard End Fed Dipole and Colinear Antennas

Product Code Product Name Frequency Range Forward Gain
HS.C3B 3dBd Glassfibre Colinear 700-1100MHz 3dBd Gain
HS.EFX 0dBd Glassfibre End Fed Dipole 700-1100MHz 0dBd Gain
4220.09 TETRA 9dBd Colinear 380-430MHz Frequency range 380-430MHz Gain 9dBd
4220.03 TETRA 3dBd Colinear 380-430MHz Frequency range 380-430MHz Gain 3dBd
S.C9B Broadband 9dBd glassfibre colinear Manufactured from 380-960MHz Gain 9dBd
S.C6B Broadband 6dBd glassfibre colinear Manufactured from 300-960MHz Gain 6dBd
S.C6 VHF 6dBd glassfibre colinear antenna Manufactured from 145-178MHz Gain 5.5dBd
S.C3B Broadband 3dBd glassfibre colinear Manufactured from 138-960MHz Gain 3dBd
S.C3 VHF 3dBd glassfibre colinear antenna Manufactured from 68-138MHz Gain 3dBd
S.EFD Dual VHF/UHF end-fed dipole Manufactured from 138-500MHz Gain 0dBd
S.EFX Broadband glassfibre end-fed dipole Manufactured from 68-500MHz Gain 0dBd