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Indoor TETRA Antenna SAR Certified

Newslarge 19 01

Skymasts' 802.00.05.00 antenna has been successfully qualified for use in public buildings following recent SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) tests carried out at TUV Test Laboratories in Fareham, England.

The SAR test, requried to demonstrate compliance to regulations concerning human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields, is increasingly demanded by designers and installers of distributed indoor antenna systems in public spaces. The test yields a 'Touch Safe' power level, an RF power level at which the antenna will remain safe to touch without exceeding the basic restriction of 10W/kg for human exposure. For higher power levels an extrapolation of this value is possible so that an exclusion zone around the antenna can be established if necessary.

Carried out to the requirements of CENELEC EN 50385: 2002, the measurements are obtained by mounting the antenna in a fixture containing a fluid designed to simulate a human head.  Following tests to estabish the maximum point of RF concentration from the antenna, an RF probe is used to scan the electric field and determine volume averaged SAR level.

For further information or details of the SAR report, please contactinfo@skymasts.com.

May 20 2013

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